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Audiomag? Sheesh...

Mark Ramsey of Hear 2.0 thinks that podcasts should be called Audiomags. His reasoning is:

"Podcast is, when you think about it, an absolutely horrible name for the technology," writes Ramsey. "We don't watch a TVcast, we watch a TV show. We don't listen to a Radiocast, it's a radio show or a radio station. And much of podcast listening isn't even done on an mp3 player, let alone an iPod."

OK, Mark - fair enough. Explain "audiomag" to me then. We don't watch a Picture Box, we watch TV. We don't listen to an Audio Box, we listen to a radio. Never mind the fact that we don't listen to magazines at all.

While I'm open to calling podcasts whatever the heck anyone wants, arguing that the name of a product or action being present in the name only makes sense when you're proposing something different. Introducing a name that connects the sense used to partake of the medium and an otherwise utterly different type of media is meritless.

Back to work, Mark!

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We don't watch a Picture Box, we watch TV.

And what exactly does "TV" stand for?


Tele - remote
Vision - picture

That said, podcast has some buzz. I suspect it will become like kleenex and xerox, brands that fall into common usage and lose their specific brand association.

Both 'tele' and 'vision' have meaning when talking about TV because it is, as you say, a remote picture/vision.

By no stretch of the imagination is a podcast a "magazine".

And actually, television means"far seeing":

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