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Something Werid Cometh
My blog entries here are all out of whack. At 9am, two blog entries not scheduled until tomorrow are already published and I can get them to go away. I guess we're living in the future here - posts from the 23rd are pre-haunting us :)

Just wanted you to know that I know that you probably know, but I don't know how to fix t. You know?

There's a reason why, in 2 years of blogging, I have never used MT by choice. I think it should take it's static-html, perl-based butt and jump over the side.

But that's just me...

Update: Publishing this post seems to have brought order back to the chaos. Cool. but weird since publishing just does a rebuild anyhow, doesn't it?

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Funny stuff. MT has its quirks, for sure. I see quite a few of 'em working with it daily. Things to think about as we look toward KMM's future and whether we want to stay with our souped-up MT or go to WordPress or something else.

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