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Jon's Thoughts: Limited Edition Podcasts

I'm currently on Vancouver Island on a little vacation and getting married. I thought that it would be fun to leave you with some thoughts I have about podcasting. This is one is a series...

Shot series of podcasts can be good.

There's a tendency to think of a podcast as a never-ending story. There's some truth to that as witnessed by the many weekly podcasts that have episode numbers into the hundreds these days. Compare that with a main stream media television program which only produces 30 or shows per year and it's easy to see why some podcasts seem to go on forever.

However, a podcast series focussed either on an event at a fixed point in time, or focussed on a small topic that can only sustain it for a short while has merit. I've already talked about the (now) annual Edinburgh Fringe podcast which only lasts for the weeks surrounding the festival each year.

Corporately, I can see a series of short serieses (if you will) about products. The series proper could be about widgets, and each show in the series could be about the care, maintenance, and feeding of each type of widget in the product line.

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