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Jul 6
How To Avoid The Boom: Part II

This entry is part of a series dealing with the business fall out of Amanda Congdon's recent departure from Rocket Boom. Please read my background post to get a feel for where I'm coming from on this issue.

The Star Is The Show

Andrew, the producer or Rocket Boom, has plans to carry on the show starting this coming Monday, July 10th. That's admirable, but I'd be scared as hell if I were him. Citizen media is unlike main stream media (MSM) in many ways and this is one of them.

In the MSM world, a show idea is born. The show is then created and the cast is hired on. If a cast member cannot go on, then they are replaced and the show goes on.

MSM shows are like a Corporation. Many of them can live on long after the original cast has moved on.

Citizen Media shows are much more like a Sole Proprietorship. The star is the show and the show cannot go on without him or her.

Many people feel that Amanda was Rocket Boom and those listeners are more likely to follow Amanda wherever she goes than they are to stick with Rocket Boom.

Now that Andrew is stuck with a damaged brand, what can he do differently this time?

Simple. Don't have a star.

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