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Do Listeners Fast Forward?
A common theme across the many podcast articles I read is that advertisers are concerned with listeners fast-forwarding through ads. Initally, I dismissed such concerns because of the way I listen to podcasts.

I listen to podcasts as background noise either when I'm working or when I'm doing something like riding my bike or working out. Much like radio, they're just kind of there in the background. In order for me to fast-forward through ads, I would have to stop what I'm doing and fumble around with the little buttons on my iRiver. The podcast would become "the" thing I'm doing instead of background to what I'm doing. In short, it never occurs to me to zip through ads on a podcast anymore than it would on a radio.

However, the noise about listeners fast-forwarding through ads is becoming louder. Loud enough that I'm starting to think there might be something to it.

How about it? What do you see out there? Is this noise increase advertisers freaking out or listeners admitting to it?

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