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Nobody Diggin' Podcasting
I was trolling around for a different angle on podcasting today. I have my 50 or so feeds that I read every day, but every now and again I like to branch out and go to different sources to see what's up in the world of podcasting. Today that branch was Digg.

I was really surprised to see that the word "podcasting" only garnered 2 hits from the past 30 days. Two!

Since Digg is primarily a technology news site, I have to wonder why there's so little news about podcasting on it. There are an awful lot of geeky podcasts out there. Heck, even Digg has it's own podcast so why is it that nobody thinks podcasting news is worthy of being Dugg? 

This kind of scared me. It makes me think that we're living in a little bubble here and podcasting really isn't that big at all.

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just discovered your blog (found it from a link on podsat.net). thanks for the interesting posts. I've added it to my rss reader.

Perhaps podcasts will become mainstream when they are as easy to use as dialing a station on the radio. the xm radio feature is interesting.

In the meantime... I thought you might find this Greasemonkey hack I wrote to convert a web page with mp3s into a podcast helpful.


Hey Al,

That looks like a cool little tool. Thanks for sharing it!

Jon, I agree. So I dugg your story. :)

Laff..nice :)

Try the word 'podcast' and you'll get more results.

Yeah, but I've learned never to search for "podcast". It always provides way too many irrelvant hits. "Podcasting" and "podcaster" yields more targetted hits for me.

I have Google News alerts sent to me. In the beginning I had them set to "podcast" and it was a free-for-all nightmare. Hundreds of posts that just happened to contain "podcast" whether the post had anything to do with podcasting or not. That's when I got a little smarter :)

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