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Jul 1
Some Thoughts About Transcribr
About 6 weeks ago I wrote about Transcribr, a podcast transcription service. I duly noted that at $1 a minute, Transcribr sure looked like another of those sideline podcasting businesses that makes money for everyone but the podcaster. I still stick by that, but I feel a little more lovey towards them now.

I stumbled across a blog entry by Ken King on the Enablr blog (Transcribr's parent) in which he addresses some of the flak they've been taking.

King agrees with the rest of the world that the missing 'e' is dumb. I remember beating my head against the wall trying to come up with a good name for a podcast hosting service. I eventually settled on The Purple Podcaster (only hosting my own show for the moment - back off!) because it was kitchy and memorable. At no time did I ever consider starting a podcastr or pdcaster site. Losing a vowel is so Flickr...

King also addresses the perpetual beta issue. It seems like everyone is in beta these days and many people feel that's just a way to cop out when something breaks rather than focussing on improving the system.

There's a few more gems in there. It's a good read.

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