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Blogmatrix Hosting Plans

Blogmatrix is just one of many podcast hosting services out there. In general, there are two types of podcast hosts: those that understand podcasting and those who don't. It's easy to tell the difference - anyone who limits your disk space or bandwidth fits into the second category. Sadly, that's most of them.

Libsyn is the prime example of a podcast host that gets it. They provide unlimited bandwidth and unlimited diskspace (although you have a monthly limit; you can keep older shows on their servers forever).

Blogmatrix has an interesting model where they charge users for disk space on a per-day basis. Podcasts are either active or archived and it's the active ones that users pay for.

* active podcasts – your most recent podcasts within the limit of the hosting plan you choose – are served from our best hosting facility and will download quickly and efficiently by your listeners or viewers

* archived podcasts – your remaining podcasts – are served from a low-bandwidth server with no quality-of-service claims

I was almost sold that Blogmatrix "got it" until I saw this:

you can store as many audio and video podcasts you want – up to 2Gb – on BlogMatrix

So close. When will wannabe podcast hosts get that limiting their customer's diskspace or bandwidth puts them fundamentally at odds with their customer's goals and needs? You don't need partners like that.

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