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One Billion Customers Podcast

James McGregor has been doing business in China for over a decade and he recently shared some of what he has learned at ad:Tech and is now making it available as a podcast.

Foreign companies rightly fear that Chinese partners, customers or suppliers will steal their technology or trade secrets or simply pick their pockets. Testy relations between China's Communist leaders and the U.S. and other democracies can trap foreign companies in a political crossfire. McGregor has seen or experienced it all, and now he shares his insights about how China really works.

Yeah, I know this sounds like an advertisement, but it's not. I just really like the way this copy is written. It's compelling and it makes me want to listen to the podcast.

I think I've mentioned before that podcasting is a great way to give second life to some of your better content. Clearly, you shouldn't re-podcast something that you've already podcasted, but podcasting presentations, talks, Q&As and whatever else that you've done that will work in an audio format can extend the life of the content.

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