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Canadian Podcasting Survey Results In
A little over a month ago I reported that the Canadian Podcast Listener Sruvey was underway. I received an email last night letting me know that the survey is complete and the numbers had been crunched.

This survey consisted of almost 1,000 podcast listeners and the focus was on Canadian listeners. The interesting parts for me?

  • My own podcast, The JaK Attack!  is the 7th most popular podcast in Canada!
  • 59% of listeners are between 25-44 years old. Every single survey on the planet shows this number, so why do marketers keep trying to shove the image that kids are the main podcast listeners?
  • There is no real preferred podcast length. As long it's under an hour, everyone seems to be happy. This is good to know because there's a lot of FUD out there about episode length.
  • 66% of listeners are comfortable with hearing an ad or two in a podcast. Another excellent question by the survey crew. I was hoping that listeners weren't as naive as the noise in the space was suggesting. Intelligent people know that content has to be paid for somehow.
Lots of other good stuff in there as well. Good job, pollsters!

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