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Jul 6
How To Avoid The Boom: Part V (Final)

This entry is part of a series dealing with the business fall out of Amanda Congdon's recent departure from Rocket Boom. Please read my background post to get a feel for where I'm coming from on this issue.

I'll admit it, I don't really have a part 5. I just have some random thoughts to wrap this issue up.

While this is painful for Amanda and Andrew now, their worlds will not end. They have both built up amazing collateral with Rocket Boom and are seriously marketable commodities.

The best thing both of them can do right now is to clam up. Amanda has posted some emails from Andrew on her blog and, while I'm not sure what Andrew is up to, that has bad news written all over it. The Rocket Boom brand has been damaged and behaviour like this threatens to damage the Amanda Congdon brand as well. That's where the true danger lies. In the interest of their future careers, the proper course of action is to take the high road and carry on in private.

But hey, that's just my opinion and I'm certainly know known for being quiet.

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I'm so cynical I can't help thinking that they will kiss and make up and that this is all just a publicity stunt. Remember New Coke?

I haven't read any of the fallout so I'm probably talking through my hat but let's just wait and see shall we?

You may have something there. This is so heated, though, that I think viewers would be pissed off if it turned out to be a publicity stunt.

I'll betcha a beer it's for real. Your choice of pubs :)

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