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Jul 5
How to Talk to Voiceover Artists
I don't have this down to an exact science, but here's some of the terminology that I've picked up when dealing with voiceover artists. Speaking the language makes things easier. Heck, if you're both speaking different languages then the liklihood of you getting what you want isn't very good.

First off, describe exactly what you want such as:

"In the middle of the night when you're lying in bed listening to your stomach growl, you need the HUNGRY CAST!"

Voice should get louder near the end and the "HUNGRY CAST!" should sound like the guy from those monster truck rally commercials.

No music.

If you want pauses or other mechanics, then indicate them. Specifying music or no music (sometimes called dry or wet) is important. If you want music, you probably won't have to supply it unless you want something specific. A voiceover pro will have tons of soundclips lying around just for this use.

It also helps to verify the file format that you're going to get. I prefer very high wuality MP3s or WAV files. I know that I'm going to compress them further when I encode my show so I want to start with the highest quality stuff I can.

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