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Jul 5
Intros, Outros and Bumpers
I've been writing a lot lately about how and where to get show introductions and those little sound clips that break up segments of podcasts. In general, those sound clips are one of three things:

  • Intro: show introduction
  • Outro: ending clip for the show
  • Bumper: Pretty much any other sound clip
  • Sweeper: Sound clip that identifies the show (like the radio "You're listening to 89.5 FM" thing)
We had the following made for our show: an intro, an outro, a sweeper "You're listening to The JaK Attack!", a "Kelly's Corner" bumper, a "Listener Feedback" bumper, and a "Shout outs and Bork outs" bumper. It only makes sense to use bumpers between the logical separations of your show. 

Another trick is that we get them all remade every 6 months or so. We keep the same voiceover artist and the same idea, but we change the words around and stuff to keep it fresh.

This is one of the funner parts of podcasting. Can I say "funner"?

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