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Talk to Dr. Tony Marino: Only $3.95/Minute
My Snake Oil Radar was going off all over the place when I saw this come up in my aggregator.
After a myriad of so-called podcast experts claiming to have mastered podcasting's, Holy Grail only to pose another online marketing ruse, America Web Works (http://www.AmericaWebWorks.com) and their Podcast Media Services Division have had all but enough of this unsupported silliness. Last week, Podcast Media Services opened the door directly into the mind, experience and proven talents of their own Founder, Dr. Tony Marino by providing both the podcasting novice and podcasting professional with a solid one-to-one phone venue to gain superior podcasting advice.
I mean, the best way to claim you're not selling Snake Oil is to accuse others of it, right? In this case, however, I have to concede that Dr. Marino probably knows what he's talking about. He passes my Google test with flying colours (the word "podcasting" shows up beside his name in the very first hit) and he's got some experience in the podcasting field and for the princely sum of $3.95/minute you can tap into some of that knowledge.

Before you lose heart completely, the first three minutes of the call are free. I bet you can pump a lot of information out of Dr. Marino in those first three minutes, assuming you can get through. Marino's camp is claiming an "unbelievable" response but I have to wonder what people are asking that they're willing to pay $4 a minute for?

I also have to wonder what the phone number is.

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