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Jul 4
Podcasting Tutorial for Developers.
Podcasting tutorials are a dime a dozen on the Internet, but I ran across a genuinely unique one today. I found a podcasting tutorial geared at developers as end users. It focusses on the audio, and assumes the XML, hosting, and general website panache factor. Strangely, it is on the IBM site and requires registration to get at.

Many articles and books on podcasting assume that you have experience with sound recording, you can recognize XLR cables, and you understand decibels. Consequently, they spend a lot of time discussing the computer-specific aspects, such as MP3 encoding and hosting Really Simple Syndication (RSS) files, and comparatively little on the audio aspects. If you search on audio, you find plenty of articles on audio recording for musicians and home studio. Some of that material is useful but, again, the tendency is to assume that computers are the difficult bit. What makes this tutorial unique is that it is written by a developer, for developers. So it assumes that you can handle the developer's tasks (such as writing the RSS feed) and concentrates on the novelty: the use of audio.

I'm a little mystified why the author thinks that 1GB of RAM is the absolute minimum for producing a podcast (I produced my first 30 shows on 256MB of RAM and the remainder on 512MB), but the rest of the information on the tutorial seems relatively solid.

Written by Benoit Marchal, the tutorial is a interesting read in PDF format. If you're good to go with the technical knowledge of running a website, setting up domains, and some rudimentary XML writing but a little short on audio knowledge, this tutorial might be for you.

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