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Podshow Feed Saga Continues
I recently wrote about Adam Curry's Podshow service hijacking RSS feeds by stripping out the podcasters original copyright information and adding Podshow's own. While that's been fixed, the unrest about Podshow is still on the rise.

Members are disgruntled that the Podshow interface makes it very difficult for listeners to find the podcast's home page. In fact, some are speculating that Podshow is deliberately hiding that information to make listeners stay on the Podshow site longer. Others are taking offence to the fact that although the 'main' RSS feed problem has been fixed, there are still multiple feeds for each show and there are still errors in those feeds.

I am not listed on Podshow (a great decision in retrospect) and I'll think I'll wait until the furor dies down before I put my own show in harm's way. I have to say, though, that it seems quite clear to me that Podshow is either actually up to something, or they launched eons before they should have.

The basic problem is that Adam Curry is involved. If anyone else (except possibly Dave Winer) were heading up Podshow, then the "Oh, it's beta, give us a break" line might fly. Sadly, Curry is one of the freakin' podfathers - there's absolutely no way this stuff could have slipped by him as unimportant. Either Curry doesn't actually have his hands in the day to day development and running of the system, or...well...he's up to no good. Only time will tell which it is.

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PodShow still offers feeds? I'm actually wondering, because the original Gillmor Dang/Daily feed URLs are throwing 404s, and I can't find feed URLs on either versions of the show's homepages.

Example: http://gillmordaily.podshow.com/feed.xml

Or do they actually want me to sign up for "PodShow+"?

This is crazy.

Hmm..doesnt 404 for me, but the last entry is May 30th. Are you sure this is the right feed?

Wish I could be more help, but I don't use Podshow so I'm not really sure what's going on.

Ah, the feeds are back indeed. Apaprently they're still working on their basic infrastructure. And they still don't advertise feed URLs.

Thx anyway...

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