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Today's Ridiculous Hype
Company intranets need to add blogging and podcasting or else become irrelevant, according to a new report from Avenue A | Razorfish, an interactive marketing and technology services firm.

As my English friends would say, "Bullocks!" "Bollocks!".

Like blogging, podcasting is a tool. Like all tools, it's suitable for some businesses and not suitable for others. At a more granular level, even within a business it might be suitable for some situations and not others.

The question that begs to be asked is "what, exactly, will podcasting do for the business?". Are there areas that you feel audio can deliver better? Are your employees or customers indicating that they would make use of this type of media? The answers to these questions will drive the decision about whether to offer corporate podcasts.

Podcast if you need to or if you want to. Don't podcast just because you're scared not to. Or because an "interactive marketing and technology services firm" is trying to scare you into it.

Via Podcasting News

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It's bollocks. Bullocks are animals - bollocks are the stones. An alternative spelling is 'bollox'.

Anytime I come across these silly stats, I can count on you Jon to articulate exactly what was going through my mind.

Pure rubbish, I say. I'm talking about that report, not your post :)

@Peter: Damn, so close. Thanks for the correction!

@Leesa: It's one of the nice things about not being a consultant. I don't have to be particularly nice to anyone :)

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