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Reality Podcasts: Lilfe Mimicing Art?

Right up front: I think "reality TV" is a scourge on the planet. Stranding people on an island or putting them in other unteable situations and then revelling in their misery makes me feel bad for us as a race. Further, the people that accept these deals and allow themselves to be put in these situations and filmed for entertainment display very poor values in my opinion.

I put the words "reality TV" in quotes because what I've described above is my feelings about what reality TV has come to mean. In its true meaning, television that is filmed "live" is reality TV and I'm not against that at all. I actually enjoy So You Think You Can Dance and other stuff that actually requires some talent, you know?

Still with me? All this is bringing me around to Jean Tennant's Getting Published podcast. The show will chronicle Jean's quest to write a book and get it published. Reality podcasting - I like it.

The series will follow Tennant as she attempts to find an agent and publisher for her women’s novel Karaoke Nights at the Twilight Lounge. Listeners will be asked for feedback as Tennant posts portions of her manuscript, sample query letters, and marketing plan on The Writing Show blog.

The show is slated to start September 11 and will presumably show up on this page at Podcasting News.

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