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US Senate Candidate Picks up Podcasting

There's lots of certainty out there that the 2008 (is that right? Not American...) Presidential election is going to be a hotbed of podcasting activity. Some politicians don't want to wait that long, however, and are starting to use podcasting for other levels of government.

Mike McGavick's Sentate campaign is utilizing podcasting as well as good old fashioned parking lot political rallies.

Mike McGavick: "Welcome to episode one of the 'Open Mike' podcast. Today is June sixth, 2006. Welcome. This is Mike McGavick, I'm a Republican candidate for the United States Senate and this is our first try at doing a podcast, in the belief that if we were to just sit around and talk a little bit about this Senate campaign, we might be able to create, for our listeners, a real sense of what's going on in the campaign and what we think is important."

While parking lot rallies and podcasts might seem worlds apart, they're actually a lot closer than some might think. With the evolution of Tivo and PVRs, it's pretty easy for viewers to fast-foward through political ads (well, any ads for that matter) which leaves campaign managers with a headache to figure out how to reach the voting masses. Since podcasts are pulled by the listener, they're obviously interested and that's how podcasting can put a candidate in front of the "common voter".

Much like pulling up in a parking lot with a soap box.

Podcasts here.

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