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List Week: Best 5 Ways to Find Interesting Podcasts
List Week continues. We're all aware of the directories and popularity contests that are thinly disguised as directories, but let's face it - those places are just full of more of the same. They've basically become the main stream media of podcasting.

  1. Google. Perform a Google search for the topic you're interested in and the word "podcast". This is a great way to find podcasts that aren't in the directories. You can even set up a Google alert for this search which will generate an email to you every day that Google finds something that matches.
  2. Independent servces (not directories). Podcast Ready is a good example of what I'm referring to here. Yes, part of Podcast Ready's service includes a directory, but their unique service and interface makes finding 'off the beaten track' podcasts easy.
  3. Recommendations. Look in forums or ask like-minded people what podcasts they listen to. There's a surprising number of great shows that aren't in the top 10 of Podcast Alley.
  4. Organization's websites. Many organizations start podcasts, but are either unaware of the directories or not willing to put themselves into them because they're not sure what the future holds. Check out the websites of the organizations that you're interested in to see if they're podcasting yet.
  5. Podcast tags. Several services will allow you to create a search RSS feed based on terms. For example, in my bloglines I have both a Technorati and a You Tube feed that pulls in anything tagged "podcast" or "podcasting"
As podcasting continues to grow, the noise is going to grow until it obscures the signal. This certain future is both the blessing and the curse of citizen generated media. Those of us who enjoy podcasts will have to find more ways to filter through the crap to get to the good stuff.

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