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Sep 3
Podcast Fall Cleaning: What Did You Say?
When it comes to notes and podcasting, there are two types. The notes that you make before the show to keep you from running out of steam halfway through, and the notes that you should be taking as you record the show.

Well, perhaps should is too strong a word, but I generally find that I end up saying "I'll get more information on that" at least once a show. More often than not, I forget to follow up even with the notes.

That's the focus of this Fall Cleaning entry. Go through your old show notes, all of those crumpled pieces of paper on your desk and maybe even listen to some of your old shows. Dig out those things that you were supposed to get back to and actually do it.

Make it a special edition show while you're at it. Listeners wil love it and you'll feel better knowing that you actually followed up like you said you would even if it is a little late.

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Good advice Jon. It's never too late to go back to add or update information like notes or Technorati tags to previous podcast shows.

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