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Podcasting, Blogging Still Fads

Dave Bill Kesel has it right, I think:

"Dave would like to be a pro surfer -- but very few actually make enough money surfing to survive. Many would like to blog or podcast professionally, but very few will actually make it big."

Dave is a surfer who's arranged his life so that he can drop everything when the surf's up and hit the beach. He wants to be a pro surfer, but realizes that almost nobody gets paid enough to surf full time. He points out that "it's almost impossible to have a reasonable perspective about something you're passionate about" and therefore bloggers and podcasters should keep their day jobs.

I agree that podcasting as a full time job is still way out there. Blogging, however, has come into it's own. There are many "pro bloggers" meaning bloggers that write full time, but I will admit that there are probably more who waiting in line.

This Dave guy is so quotable. I'l leave you with this last one (which I haven't really figured out if it's deep or nonsensical):

"It's a fad...but that doesn't mean there isn't any long term value,"

Via: Blogging for Business: The Future: It's a Non Mainstream Fad with Value

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    Davebill really put it in perspective for me with his conparison with surfing.
    I've known him a long time -- way before his current (and perhaps permanent) obsession with surfing.

    He's a great surfer, but he knows he won't be a successful pro -- not to the extent that he's already sucessful in biz.

    The GrapeRadio.com guys are somewhat similar, I also interviewed Brian Clark there - passionate about wine, loves podcasting, making money from it too --- but wait: it's a hobby and the real money (as in support selves and families etc.) come from their entreprenurial pursuits. GrapeRadio is a (professional) labor of love

    Good points, Ted. Thanks for stopping by.

    I don't think I've run across such a level perspective before. It's nice of Dave to acknowledge that we're passionate about what we do (instead of calling us fanboys or self-absorbed zealots) while prodding us that there's not a lot of full-time podcasters out there.

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