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The Viral Video Chart

Frank Barnako reports today that Scott Button of Unruly Media has put together a "Viral Video Chart". The chart tracks the most talked about and watched videos on the Internet at any given time.

I took a trip by the site and I have to say that I hadn't seen the first 16 but I had seen the 17th (which is really creepty. They say the eyes never change).

How does Scott's crew do it?

"Button said his team of three people "scans several million blogs a day to see which online videos people are talking about the most."

Sorry, I call bull*** on the "3 people scanning several million blogs a day" thing. That's patently not possible. Perhaps 3 people and some very robust aggregating equipment, but 3 people scanning even one million blogs a day means they have to look at 231 blogs per minute.

However, whatever the mechanism or the accuracy of it, it's a cool little place to see what's hot in the video space at any given moment.

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Oh dear, perhaps I wasn't clear. For sure, we don't scan the blogs in person. But the blog scanning engine we built does. At a rate of 50 blogs per second.

That makes *much* more sense :)

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