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List Week: 3 Reasons Why Web Recording Studios Will Fail
List Week continues. I've been reading a few articles on web recording studios like Odeo Studio today and I find myself scratching my head at all of them. While these web studios are nice to play with, they'll never be a serious contender.Why?

There's no way to edit the file which means:
  1. You can't cut out your gaffs. This means that you'll have to record your show over and over until you get it just right. How many times do you want to record the same thing? Even more importantly, how many times can you repeat the same thing before it sounds totally scripted?
  2. You can't add clips: Engaging podcasts have intros, outros, bumpers between segments and possibly even interviews. Kiss all of that goodbye when using a web studio. You get your voice and whatever you can play into the microphone along with it.
  3. You can't affect the file size or quality: At what bit rate and sample rate should your show be encoded at? That largely depends on the content of the episode in question. More music - higher quality; more talk - lower quality. You won't get those options using an online web studio meaning that your talk show will be over encoded or your music podcast underencoded.
I'll admit that I haven't looked at every web studio out there, but with such great free tools like Audacity, Wavepad and Garageband, I don't see the attraction of web recording studios for a "real" podcast.

Any web studios out there that address these points?

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I totally agree with you here. Why was Odeo spending CRV's money to build an online version of software that is inferior to software I can download for free?

Boggles my mind...

There's a few products and service out there that mystify me. Maybe web studios are just another way to drive traffic to a site even if they're not all that effective.


You have to be extremely patient to succeed in this kind of studios. If you think you are, go ahead and try it, but I do not think that you will make it. I wish you good luck!

Umm...what? I think this is comment spam but I feel compelled to post it.

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