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Using Podcasts to Become a Leader
I was speaking to a couple of friends today about a product that they're getting ready to launch. While I bill myself as a new media geek, I am most definitely not a consultant. I've done consulting work in the past and it's just not a good fit for my personality. I need to own things and there's nothing more painful for me than to watch someone fall flat on their face while trying to apply my advice. I lose sleep over it and that sucks.

Back to the topic at hand: we were discussing what the most effective way to bring this product to the Internet denizens and we spoke about the use of blogs and podcasts as potential tools.

I'm a believer in the two-pronged approach because people have different preferences of how they get their media. Some prefer text, some prefer audio, and some prefer video. While I don't think this product is right for a full-bore videocast, a weekly audio podcast will work.

I think that a podcast can work well to establish a company or person as a player in a particular space. It's critical that the podcast isn't a weekly marketing event, however, which is why I think the branding on the podcast should be relatively low-key. The podcast can be sponsored by company X and there's no need to hide that the host is so-and-so from company X, but that's about it. The podcast should be used to position the company as a leader (or at least a voice) in the space which means talking about the whole space, not just your own products.

A relatively unbranded podcast coupled with a highly branded blog can funnel listeners from the wide-open to the specific. People interested in all facets of the space may listen to the podcast, and then those that are interested in the company's products specifically can head over to the corporate blog and gather more information and be further educated.

I see no reason why the blog/podcast setup couldn't be done in a reverse manner as well. A general, relatively low-branded blog could be the wide end that funnels specific readers to the branded podcast.

I know many of you are consultants. WIthout giving away your bread and butter, how would you set this up?

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