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Sep 5
Podcast Fall Cleaning: Spiff it Up!
I started my current podcast in January of this year. This is the fourth podcast I've done and the second with my co-host and wife, Kelly. The JaK Attack! is our first show since leaving The Podcast Network in December of 2005 and it took us a few months to get up to speed and get a feel for the show. One of the things we decided that we had to do was to spruce the show up so that it sounded a little more professional.

Around show #7, we had bumpers made for the show. Bumpers, intros, and outros are all fancy names for those little sound clips that either separate bits of the show, or introduce and close out the show.

We did a little research around the net and saw that most voice over artists and service wanted hundreds and hundreds of dollars for 20-30 second clips. From the perspective of a podcaster (and I suspect most rational people), that's far too expensive.

Enter Bob Taylor. I have no affiliation with Bob Taylor other than I'm a happy customer. Bob charges somewhere around $12 for a 30-second voice over. While these are budget prices, the sound clips from Bob are anything but. If you'd like a sample, then take a listen to any of our shows after show #9. I'm sure you'll agree that we received good value for our money.

That's today's project - if you don't already have professional voice overs, then shop around and get a couple made. While I believe that content trumps bells and whistles, there are times when a little polish can't hurt.

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