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Podcasting Jobs
I went searching for podcasting jobs today on a whim, and sadly didn't find any. I didn't really expect to find any, but since it had been 6 months or so since I had done this little tour, I had hopes that things have changed.

It's not 100% correct to say that there are *no* jobs in podcasting. What's more correct to say is that there are no jobs in podcasting that require actually podcasting. The type of jobs that are available in podcasting are actually blogging and developing jobs.

About.com has recently added podcasting to their list of blogs that need an author.

A Google search for 'podcasting jobs' turns up some hits, but closer inspection of the pages shows that there's nothing really happening here. Podcast 411 has a quixotic list of alleged podcasting jobs which is really nothing more than an aged list of marketing positions and Indeed.com returns a ton of hits for 'podcasting', but they mostly surround the development of sites to support podcasting, rather than the actual production of podcasts.

It seems odd to me that so many people are obviously throwing so much money and time into building podcast infrastructure and delivery mechanisms, but nobody is paying the podcasters to produce the actual content. I guess the fact that there is a lot of VC and otherwise money floating around the podcasting space is a great sign, but it would be nice if the people actually producing the content could get some of it.

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