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How To Get More Coverage for Your Poodcast
I periodically whine about how many feeds I have in my reader related to podcasting. I post over 100 posts each month here on Biz Podcasting and that means that not a lot of stuff in the podcasting space gets by me. It's those damn feeds that keep me so well informed. Sometimes I hear them whispering to me at night...

One of the things that I truly enjoy about writing on Biz Podcasting is the opportunity to interact with and (hopefully) promote other podcasters. Yes, I do my fair share of 'snake oiling' as well and while that doesn't make me all that popular with some folk, that's the same thing that keeps me popular with those folk who count.

For a while now I've noticed that some podcasters make it hard for me to promote them. How? They have crappy or non-existent show notes. If you even whisper the word "podcasting" or "podcast" in the blogosphere somewhere then you'll show up in my reader at one point or another. An interesting and succint headline is sure to get my attention, but in a lot of cases I find that when I click through to the site, there's nothing to see but a link to an MP3 file.


Bad show notes.

Podcasting Media Coverage in Lebanon

Good show notes (yeah, these are mine)

Canada Day Weekend! Linux on laptops and expo scams

See the difference? While the Lebanon podcast has a great title, I'm not willing to invest an undetermined amount of time listening to the show to see if I'm interested. My post, by contrast, not only has all the points that we talked about in the show, but also approximate minutes so I can downloads and fast-forward to the thing or things that interest me.

Another concern is that the search engines (and by that I mean the mainstream ones that everyone uses like Google and Yahoo!) still aren't indexing audio. No text = no search engine love.

Help me help you.

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