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Blubrry Giving Away 1,000 iPods!

blubrrybadge120x120NoBorderIf you were one of the first 1,000 listeners or 1,000 podcasters to sign up on Blubrry, then you're eligible to win an iPod. Personally, I think it's kind of ironic to give away iPods in a world where we're all desperately trying to convince podience neophytes that they don't need an iPod to listen to podcasts, but hey! Free hardware is free hardware.

If I win I'm going to eBay that suckah!

The intial rules:

1.Qualified contestants are podcasters that have signed up their show or shows with the Blubrry Network. The show(s) must be within the first 1,000 to have signed up including show number 1000. Besides being in the first 1,000 podcasts, the podcaster must have filled out an advertising profile for their show(s). And that’s just the way it is!

2. Listeners can win too. You must be in the group of the first 1,000 listeners and signed up with Blubrry for at least 30 days on the date of the drawing. All of these rules apply to listeners too.

Contest details are here.

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Uh, I read this a little differently than you do. I don't see them promising to give out 1000 iPods anywhere - I see the number 1000 being related to the Podcasts in the unnetwork.

Even at $100 a pop, that's 100k in ad budget. These guys aren't spending that much.

Or, am I missing something?

Well, the banner on their front page (which I didn't link to, admittedly) says "Countdown to 1,000 iPod Giveaway".

Hmm...if I know Todd, he'll be long in 24 hours or so to clarify.

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