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I'm not sure why is all over the news these days. Podcasters have been using Skype forever to record interviews or have remote co-hosts on the show, but for some reason now that it has a name, Skypecasting is all the rage.

What's the big deal about recording a phone call and integrating it in with a podcast? Well, nothing really, unless you get creative.

One thing I hadn't thought about was conducting a live Q&A on some topic using Skypecast. Users can call in, ask their question to some expert and have it answered in real time. Record the whole thing and call it a podcast.

This would be a little hard to orchestrate with the existing podcast community as one thing podcasting removes is any cognizance of time. However, I think this is actually one use for Skypecasting that might actually make it worth all the hype.


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Jon, Skypecasts are still definitely in their infancy. I tried one the other day and had an overall iffy experience. Talking to other bloggers was great, and I liked feeling like the host of a small call-in radio show. But the sound quality was sometimes awful (echos, skips, etc.), and there was no way for anyone to know what was really going on except if I typed something to them in a text chat which I had to create and manage on the fly.

So there's potential there, but I think I'll stick mainly to conference calls unless I find a real reason to do a Skypecast. The one benefit of the Skypecast format that I see is being able to have anyone come, even if you don't know them.

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