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I'm a GNU/Linux user and therefore this article might be a bit jaded. I've completely given up on Skype for podcast interviews and have moved to Gizmo exclusively for the past few months. My main reason for making the initial move was the lack of recording functionality in Skype (which still doesn't exist), but now I find Gizmo to just be a superior product.

Gizmo is better than Skype because:
  • One button record. Need I say more?
  • Supports the SIP protocol which means that there are many, many ways to talk to VoIP users on other networks such as Google Talk and Astericks
  • The user interface is much cleaner and has tons of bells and whistles like a map you can bring up to see where the person you are talking to is from
  • Because of the SIP architecture, Gizmo can do things like ring several phones at once and transfer calls from your Gizmo client to your mobile phone in mid-call.
  • Free incoming telephone number in the 775 area code
  • Many more cool features that Skype just doesn't have
Gizmo just plain old beats Skype hands down.

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I beg to differ,

Gizmo's recording program records in poor quality and their interface is poor in comparison to Skype.

What? No differing from my opinion on my blog!!!


Mike, are you using Linux? Just curious because the Skype version for Linux is kind of the lost child. The interface isn't as polished and some features are missing from the Windows version.

As for recording quality, I find it comparable and in some cases better. Skype is mixed on the participants computers whereas Gizmos is mixed on the Gizme side of the house. I find Skype's call quality varies greatly and in some cases, yes it can be better. I prefer predictability, though - I can edit it easier :)

I am on Windows unfortunately for now. Although I just found when recording with Gizmo previously it was very bad quality :(

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