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I'm not a Mac user so I haven't paid much attention to the trials and tribulations of the Mac podcaster. As a Linux user, however, I sympathize entirely. It seems, at first glance anyway, that recording Skype calls on a Mac has been a bit of a trial for those without the new Intel Macs. Not so anymore.

Call Recorder
from Eecamm Network is retailing for $12.99 with a trial period (not sure how long). The feature list includes:

     Manually start/stop/pause, or record automatically.
     Control file size and quality.
     State-of-the-art AAC file format saves space.
     Convert your calls to MP3 format.

Oooo...looky - the checkmarks came across with the cut and paste. Oh...sorry, I digress.

I'd be interested in the experiences of any that has tried Call Recorder, or has other tips for recording Skype on a Mac.

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I switched over to this because nicecast was crashing my computer. but now i have come to find that it cuts out the other callers about 5 minutes into every recording! apparently they do not support logitech usb headsets because they screw up the recording process somehow. i emailed support about it but i'm really unhappy with this product so far.

Good to know. If you get any satisfaction, I'd love to hear about it.

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