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May 1st - Reboot Jon!
May 1st is the traditional web designer/developer's clean up day. It's the unofficial 'reboot' to clean up lose ends in code, massage the server, tweak the sites....that type of thing. I'm not a web developer (any more), but I'm also doing a reboot on May 1st. I'm rebooting myself.

You see, May 1st is the day that I hit my first real milestone in financial independence. I've been working hard at this podcasting, blogging, writing, and speaking gig since October of last year and it's starting to pay off. May 1st is my first day as a part-time employee. Yup, I've got enough revenue streams running now that I can start to free myself from the cubicle farm and get on with the business of doing what I want to do for the rest of my life.

So what does this have to do with podcasting? Not that much, really. But it has a lot to do with the Biz Podcasting blog that you're reading. Part of what I'll be doing with the extra time I've eeked out each week is posting much more frequently on Biz Podcasting. Hopefully, that will make this a much more vibrant blog and an even better source of information on business and corporate podcasting.

I have to give major props to the guys at Know More Media for making this possible for me. Hal and Dan are largely responsible for making this happen for me (and perhaps other silent types that I don't know about). Thanks, dudes!

The rest of you - stand by. We're kicking it up a notch around here.

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We're glad to have your podcasting wisdom for BizPodcasting, Jon, and look forward to the posting. People can learn a lot by reading this blog. Congratulations on your new milestone, and I hope this is only the beginning!

Jon, welcome to the fun. I will take your May 1 suggestion and try and get my loose ends together. I will likely remember this date for that purpose in the future too.

Keep up the great work. Fun times (and prosperity too) ahead.

Thanks guys! I'm already having fun posting the hell out of this place :)

Great idea Jon! I hope everything works out great for you.

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